Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Nekutima Jim Goldberg Tauentzienstr.16, 10789 Berlin Tel: +49 30 7889 7553 Fax: +49 30 7889 2012

1. Contracting party

The contractual partner for all contracts and agreements is Nekutima Jim Goldberg (Nekutima for short) with registered office at Tauentzienstr. 16, 10789 Berlin and its customers and suppliers.

2. Object of agreement

The subject matter of the contract is all services that customers will order from Nekutima.

The following terms and conditions apply unless otherwise agreed. Contractual individual agreements take precedence.

3. Contract

Unless otherwise stipulated, quotations from Nekutima are non-binding (invitatio ad oferendum). The contract is concluded by the customer's order and the order confirmation by Nekutima. 

4. Period of contract

The general notice period is one month to the end of the contract.

Individual agreements on terms take precedence.

The contracts are automatically extended for the same period, unless otherwise agreed.

5. Prices

All prices are quoted in Euros and are net prices.

Domestic prices are exclusive of statutory VAT of 19%.

6. Terms of payment

Payments are due immediately, without deduction, upon receipt of the invoice. After 10 days from the invoice date or contractually agreed payment date, the customer is in default without the need for a separate reminder.

7. Extraordinary termination

If the customer is in default, Nekutima may terminate the contract with immediate effect. Claims for damages remain unaffected.

8. Data collection

Customer data is stored and used exclusively within the framework of contractual purposes. 

9. Subcontracting

NEKUTIMA may, at its own discretion, subcontract third parties for the performance of its obligations. However, Nekutima always remains the contact person for the customer.

10. Legality and Compliance

When placing an order, customers of Nekutima expressly warrant that all payments come from their own private or business assets or from legitimate sources.

NEKUTIMA reserves the right to terminate all contractual relationships that disregard this aforementioned rule with immediate effect upon becoming aware of it. Claims for damages against infringing customers shall be retained.

11. Language, place of jurisdiction and applicable law.

If multilingual contracts or other documents are used, the German version shall prevail.

German law applies to all contracts.

The place of jurisdiction for all contractual disputes is the competent court at the Headquarter of NEKUTIMA.

The management of Nekutima