Digital innovations
for a real world.

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We are the gathering of different people ready to do the unusual.

Digital Innovation

In a fast pacing world, innovation is paramount to keep the business competitive.

Strategic Positioning

More than in other epoch in history, the market, the behaviour of people and society itself is changing with stowing velocity.

Business Hacking

The change in the business landscape is accelerating. Every day new players are well-funded, learn to adapt quickly and join the market.


There are no butterflies in a world where the survivor is the strongest.

There are two crucial characteristics of our reality that most people have difficulty realizing and suffer the consequences. First, our reality is an unimaginably complex system. Second, cooperation is the key to survival. It is a numbers game, but it is not about power. It's about adaptability.

The internet revolution, mobile phones, new means of transportation, the overhaul of the international business landscape, Covid, and so many other changes. How often was reality made upside down in our lifetime?

The rate of the changes is not slowing down: now is Metaverse, Web 3.0, Blockchains and shifts in international power balance. The capability to detect weak signals, test hypotheses fast and adapt to new contexts become essential to the survivor of careers and organizations. Nekutima is precisely about that: detect, test, understand, adapt - become better and build value.

Organizations exist as a vehicle to help professionals support people's needs. As a result, people build the worth society needs. We focus on the environment to help people to adapt, to enhance their understanding of the ever-changing innovation industry.

Nekutima enables people and organizations to create the impact we as a society want to see in the world. We are the weird ones who think differently than the crowd and embrace out-of-the-box thinking to see what most can't. We ask about what most don't dare to think. The ones that try what the most don't.

We are Nekutima,
And everything is about people.



Digital innovations

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Inovação na ponte entre
Brasil e Alemanha

Como empresas do Brasil e Alemanha podem transformar suas diferenças em forças.

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Zona de conforto
e inovação digital

Inovação digital
e a dor da mudança.

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Destravando valor
através da inovação

Um mundo em constante evolução:
o poder da mudança.

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As all organizations, Nekutima is inserted inside several ecosystems.
Biome is a project designed to encapsulate and deal with the complexity of this situation.


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